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9-month mentorship training

The Soul Calling Business Launch Formula

The Business Blueprint For The Spiritual Entrepreneur

The Soul Calling Business Launch Formula is a transformative nine-month mentorship program for spiritual entrepreneurs who aspire to turn their unique gifts into a successful business.

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Emma Donivar

I experienced profound activations, and both workshops unlocked/unblocked so many aspects of myself and my psychic gifts. If you had told me that I'd be opening and holding space for clients to connect with the spirit world to share messages with their loved ones and convey the guidance and wisdom from the Ascended Masters... I wouldn't have believed you! It's mindblowing how far I've come in such a short time.


Stasa  Florijancic

Teja is an amazing and very authentic teacher. She uses her transformational insights and a very relaxed grounded nature to create a safe sacred space, where as a participant of her work, you can truly open up and trust the process of transformation.

She is a pure clear channel and has the ability to see her students shadows as well as their true potentials, and knows how to guide and support them so they can move out of the comfort zone and being to thrive. Working with Teja is an opportunity for true quantum leap in your life.


Barbara Umnik

When the program ended I ‚Äėwoke up‚Äô calmer, stronger and most importantly ‚Äď I found a loud and strong inner voice that I now let be heard. And the real magic happened when my close family relationships healed overnight, we re-connected, people suddenly changed, my son changed. It is still hard to comprehend how powerful our inner feminine is. I believe my healed inner feminine was finally able to heal the most wounded relationship with the masculine energy in her life and this has sent a healing wave to all other relationships in my life. Thank you Teja!


Milena Kosak

‚ÄėI highly recommend Teja from the bottom of my heart, because she really is a great teacher, an excellent mentor and very gentle person full of light. She‚Äôs got an outstanding connection with the spiritual world and shares the most incredible insights. She has helped me in many ways I couldn‚Äôt even have imagined before I met her.

Alneja Gaspar Horvat

Teja’s intuitive readings changed my life, her classes helped me grow and her mentorship opened a new door for me. Her knowledge, experience and amazing intuitive gifts will definitely change your life and help you transform into the best version of yourself. 

Klavdija Verlak

As a very valuable mentor she shared important knowledge that enabled me to gain important insights about my own life. Based on this knowledge I was later able to develop my own business teaching and coaching  techniques and I am now able to support other business-orientated people on their journey of transformation. 

Mojca Boljat 

Teja helps people expand their understanding, overcome their fears, recognise their potential, and overcome any challenges they may have to face, so as they can become who they are meant to be. I always recommend Teja’s programs to other people, and especially to those who see and recognise how much I have changed in the most positive sense of the word. Teja’s courses are designed for people who are willing to make the necessary changes they need too so as they can get to where they are meant to be in life.

Tanja Sekirnik

By attending Teja's trainings, I have received a very clear direction, new knowledge, a clear understanding of who I truly am and what my path is supposed to be all about. Teja motivated me to take different steps towards my true soul calling in life. She possesses an amazing energy, and a real presence. Teja always offer tons of information, ‚Äúaha‚ÄĚ moments, and the necessary motivation for people to truly take action and start living the lives they are meant to be living. I love my new life, where I get to mentor and motivate others!

Polona K.  Petek

I received very clear insight into who I really am, and also into what is truly happening around me. I developed trust in my own gifts and talents. I really enjoyed seeing Teja work with unconditional love for her students, and this can be seen and felt in every single word that she says.   She always guides people in the way that allows them to reach their own highest potential and their true purpose. I think by attending Teja’s classes I truly gained a lot. I had been going around in circles for quite some time, and Teja helped me face the truth of every single situation, so I was finally able to choose the path that is truly aligned with my life purpose. I am now much more confident in aligning all my actions with my true purpose in life, my soul calling. 

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